Kier Saves the UK £35 Million in one fell swoop

Thanks to a new quick drying cement formula Kier Highways could save the UK £35 million just from a single project.

Using a new formula concrete which dries to the required design strength in just 18 hours as opposed to 3 days means that the M6 project would not result in a lane closure and a subsequent delay from this which has been estimated at 45 minutes which would result in £35 million loss on UK output.

As well as using this new material which dries in just 25% of the previous concrete they have now implemented a ban on carriageway crossings, which basically involves pushing a lane of traffic to the other side of the road which has been narrowed instead opting to use the extra labour to focus on a 1,000 ton approach to put more resources onto completing the actual works and not invest in traffic shaping where possible.

This approach has resulted in a 300% increase of the amount of tarmac which can be laid in a single evening and is now being rolled out as the new industry standard.

The executive director of Kier Highways Dave Wright has said that after extensively trialing this product the scope to reduce potential disruption nationwide  could be tremendous.