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Welcome to the Jobs In Plant Hire Blog. This blog is dedicated to all aspects of the plant hire jobs industry as well as tool hire jobs, construction news, safety reports,  political updates regarding construction and how it impacts us in the UK.

I will also be focusing on the various plant and tool hire jobs for those people who have not heard of them. I will go into detail about what each of the various roles entails,  what you can be expected to do, what you can get in return for each of these kinds of roles and where you can go to actually get one of these roles if you are interested.

I will also be scouring the web for interesting items to post, what’s going on in the world who is doing what and where, what the status of the industry looks like, what’s going to be happening to the UK market as we get closer to leaving the EU and so much more.

I will also be looking to liaise with various people who are actually in the industry to get their take on what they feel is happening in the plant and tool hire jobs industry and how events that occur may or may not affect them.